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Why This Book Had to be Written

More evidence emerges every day that it is not our genetics but our interpretation of the environment that controls how we see the world and how our body physiologically responds it. ______________________________________________________________________________ We know that we perceive what we expect to perceive. If we expect to be in a fearful situation, we are more likely to interpret our situation as one we should be fearful of. Fear begets fear. The flip side of this is when we expect to do well, we tend to do well. When we expect to see the big picture, we get the big picture. When we expect to be happy, we are happy. Because our body releases those chemicals that supports what the mind

Create Like a Shaman!

Hello out there! My goal in writing this blog is to provide information that supplements The Co-Creation Handbook. This is where you can look when you need encouragement. You’ll find real life examples of how to be in the flow of co-creation. I’d like to hear your stories, too! What I will share with you today is a little example of how I use these principles. ___________________________________________________________________________ Reid needs a new car. This is my husband’s project and I am not initially involved. He researches all kinds of cars, we go for test drives and he spends lots of time wrestling over the decision to go for luxury vs. efficiency. Reid is an energy engineer. So

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